Africa Health –
Africa Health

We understand how healthcare needs can vary across different countries with different culture.

Economic, and social variables, each country has unique healthcare requirements that require creative and customized solutions.
When it comes to a continent as diverse as Africa, we make sure to adjust our services to present a balanced healthcare plan that is perfectly tailored to resolve the medical challenges of the country in question. Here’s how we can provide health coverage for African countries:

Clinics management

  • Thanks to the experience of our medical team, we can easily set the foundation for successful clinics specially designed to provide healthcare access for different countries in Africa. Our esteemed consultants can develop the plan for clinics’ growth, explain how to offer the best service for outpatients, and provide the medical team, in addition to providing the necessary equipment and a digital system.
  • Providing the Right Practitioners to Those in Need

  • At Vera Hub, we realize how it is indispensable that patients find practitioners who are focused on the needed specialties, such as ophthalmology, gynecology, pediatrics, and other fields. And with more than half of the African population having no access to proper healthcare, we focus on studying the medical landscape of a country before penetrating it to learn all about the shortages in certain fields, then on curating extraordinary medical teams who can contribute to leveraging healthcare in Africa. Our services are versatile and our team is eager to work side by side with governments, the private sector, and NGOs to take on major healthcare challenges. Connect with us now to access top healthcare solutions! .
  • Mobile clinics and convoys

  • Instead of the patients having to travel to medical clinics, we bring the medical clinics to them. Mobile clinics and convoys are customizable according to each community’s unique needs and circumstances. With prepared facilities, we can offer limitless possibilities and focused services including dentistry and medical tests.
  • Our Social Work

  • Access to healthcare does not only alleviate pain- but it can be a life-changing agent for those in need. Vera Hub for Healthcare Services is a Board Member of the Community Peace Foundation, in which we are committed to improving the lives of vulnerable families in Kenya and East Africa. Our role is to improve delivery and access to medical services at all levels and create innovative programs that effectively enhance the healthcare services of these countries. Vera Hub is also working closely with The Community Peace Foundation to address public health problems to eventually achieve a high quality health care system

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